Can You Use A Sunroom During the Winter?

Winter is here, and we are not sure if anyone is happy about it! We get moody, disgruntled, and load up on the vitamin D supplements. We long to bask in the sunshine and take long trips south to ease the winter blow. Winter in Canada means hibernating and binge watching our favorite show… or does it?

A sunroom can extend that summer “high” through the winter months, and will last longer than that 7 day trip to Mexico.  They can be added onto your home, or built as an enclosure around your patio, deck, or in your backyard. Your sunroom, when constructed properly, can offer protection from the elements all year long.

A year round sunroom offers:

  • A cost effective way to add an addition to your home –  we offer custom designs and payment plans to suit your budget and needs
  • Natural light, which will improve your mood and ease the pain of the winter blues. Since sunrooms have an abundance of windows, you can enjoy the sunlight without subjecting yourself to the cool temperatures.
  • A suitable environment to grow vegetables and plants year round. Your green thumb can continue to pulse through the colder months. Whether gardening is a hobby or a sustainable way to feed your family, a sunroom offers adequate sunlight that allows your plants to thrive year round
  • A relaxing space to read a book, nap, or just enjoy your free time. You can utilize that patio set all year round or create an additional living room.
  • The perfect area for a hot tub. What better way to enjoy a nice soak in the tub while avoiding the chilly entry and exit on those cold days!


A sunroom is the perfect escape for those who need it on those chilly winter days. We love being able to enjoy the outdoors all year long, from the comfort of our own home. Winter doesn’t have to be that bad with Solstice Sunrooms and Enclosures!