Using A Sunroom As A Greenhouse To Start Seeding in Spring

In Canada, especially in Alberta, summer is too short to start gardening only when it gets warm outside.  One great way to do so is to add a sunroom to your home, and start seeding by the end of winter.  It is a small building, made to have many windows, that lets sunlight in and provides you with direct contact to sunlight while you enjoy your time spent at home, at the right temperature.

Our four-seasonal sunroom: the perfect option for gardeners.

Gardening in Canada can be tough since temperatures, even in summer and spring, are extreme, so sunrooms can be built as four-seasonal rooms that can be used during the whole year. If your desire is to plant flowers, herbs, vegetables or fruits during the spring you can also add a transparent roof that will let the sunlight in.

The perfect conditions: you decide!

There are many conditions that are needed to grow any plant. In spring the weather conditions may change abruptly. At one moment the sun shines, at another it’s raining. These inconsistent conditions might stop the seeds from growing out. If the soil is too cold or too wet they may never see the sun.
In a sunroom you can take control of the temperature of the soil, the humidity of the room and the amount of light that the flowers are exposed to. You can install a ventilation system that will regulate the circulation, humidity and the temperature of the air. If needed, you can add lights that will add more exposure to the plants, or you can shade the ones that need less. The sunroom will also keep flowers and other plants from weeds and pests. During the hotter seasons it will keep you and your garden away from black fly infestations.

The plants are sensitive: know what they want!

Many flowers must be planted in April-May, but the temperatures are too low to let you do so. With the perfect conditions provided by your sunroom you can plant flowers, like orchids, dahlias and begonias, which demand temperatures between 15 and 30 C degrees to grow out. When summer comes and conditions are more suitable for flowers, you can move them to your outdoor garden. This strategy will allow you to enjoy working on your garden during the whole year.

You can even grow tasty, natural fruits and vegetables

Using a sunroom like ours, you can provide your family vegetables, fruit, herbs, which will be natural and free from pesticides. You can start growing tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and more vegetable before anyone else. This is a good way to save money and to be sure that you and your family receive the best quality fruits and vegetables straight from your own garden!
The sunroom can be an excellent investment for people who want the best for their everyday living. It can help you bolster your imagination and feel better in your own home. The windows and the glass roof can provide you with light and incredible inspiring views. The four-season room can become a lovely green house by planting flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit inside. Indoors you can provide better conditions for growing heat loving plants. Using your sunroom will keep your production safe  and will give you the opportunity to move your new plants outdoor, season to season, and to manage a new flower or vegetable garden in a daily basis even when it snows.